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Small Is Sexy — or, Less Is More

Rainy October in the Panama highlands. Foggy mornings. Cool nights. Soggy garden paths. Time to make soups and stews in the crock pot. I’m thinking for tonight some local grass fed beef with onions, sweet potatoes, herbs and red wine. Yum.

It’s also orange harvest season, so pots of marmalades are continually simmering on the stove and god! the perfume is exquisite. I’m lashing out this season and trying all manner of exotic marmalade and jam combinations. Orange-ginger. Orange-chipotle. Orange-cranberry. Orange-tree tomato-cabernet. Orange-coffee-rum. That last one? Well, it triggered a whole raft of other possibilities, so now I have bottles and bottles of Pirate Juice (rum-ginger-coffee-habanero liqueur), Panama Panacea (orange-coffee-rum liqueur), and Cordially Yours, Panama (orange-rum liqueur), all happily curing away in preparation for the 2nd Zapadora Flea Market in December.

(Hats off to Dianne for her inspirational energy. “Well, what about this? And this? And we could try this!” and to my friend Emily, for the gift of the many, many oranges, and for recommending the book, The Flavor Thesaurus.