Jewish Homosexuals, Feminists, and the Decline of Western Civilization

I receive a lot of emails from a lot of people. Some of the emails are very strange, written by fringe dwellers from various corners of the world. A year or so ago I received a particularly astonishing missive that stated, in several thousand words, that the blame for the decline of Western Civilization could be laid directly at the feet of Jewish homosexual men and their evil cohorts, the feminists. It was full of statistics, half-truths and some of the most misogynist, racist crap I’ve come across in a long while. Reminded me of my youth–particularly of my father’s John Birch Society rants. I couldn’t help myself. I had to write back.

Today, someone asked me to re-post my response as it pre-dated this blog and the publication of Risking Everything.

So, you would like some comments on your essay about the Homosexual Jewish Agenda? Thanks for asking. I have some thoughts, but it’s hard to know where to begin as you’ve opened up so many different fronts at once: the Jews, the queers, the feminists, the blacks… You didn’t really have anything to say about the Muslims (but you’ve covered them before). The only group I see glaringly, conspicuously absent from your list of the people you blame for destroying civilization (as you would like to see it) is…hmmm…how about, White (Presumably) Heterosexual Men? Where are they in your list of transgressors and destroyers?

While I try to organize my spinning thoughts into some sort of coherent response, I’ll tell you right up front exactly who I am. That way you can decide early on whether or not you want to hear my thoughts on the matter. But, be fair. I read yours. I am a lesbian and an unapologetic feminist. I am well-educated, broadly traveled, politically liberal (in the classical sense). I am not now, nor have I ever been, Jewish. White-Anglo Saxon all the way back through the genealogical trees of pirates (Richard Worley), generals (both Robert E. Lee and George Washington) to kings (Charlemagne)—and no, I am not making that up. I like good coffee, dark chocolate, red wine, and clear morning vistas to the horizon. I talk to my cat. I’ve been known to swear. I live alone.

I first had inklings that there was something ‘different’ about me at the age of 15. But in a small, fundamentalist, southern, conservative town and family, being a lesbian was not an option—even if I had ever heard the word, which I hadn’t. It was not until I was in my twenties, married, with children, that I began to understand that, yes indeedy, I am ‘different.’ In the interests of ‘family values’ and preserving the “institution of marriage”—interesting phrase. Who wants to be stuck in an institution?–I stuck it out until the last child finished university. I thought I was doing the right thing. I did so at great personal cost. My children do not thank me for that—they love me, as I am, though, and they wish I had taken better care of myself along the way. Live and learn.

I came to feminism during my career directing a multi-county domestic violence and rape crisis program, where I saw first-hand the horror that is routinely perpetrated on women, by men who think they have the ‘right’ to do so. The secondary horror was the way the legal and judicial system routinely re-victimized these women and tried to make their bruises, lacerations, miscarriages, and broken bones their fault. “Mouthy bitch—she deserved it.” “Slut—look at the way she was dressed! She got what she was asking for!” “If she hadn’t made me mad I wouldn’t have hit her!”.

So. Your essay lays the predominant blame for all social, economic and moral ills of the Modern Age at the feet of a vast and patient historical conspiracy led by queer Jews. You like to quote statistics. So do I. Let’s take a look at some figures that paint a somewhat different picture than the one you are promoting.

ALL the Founding Fathers and ALL the presidents, with the exception of Barak Obama, have been White (Presumably) Heterosexual Men.

The vast majority of legislators, (thousands and thousands of them) local, state and national, throughout our country’s history, who have been responsible for drafting and passing (or blocking) legislation on all manner of things have been White (Presumably) Heterosexual Men.

The vast majority of the judiciary from local courts to the Supreme Court, throughout 200+ years of history, have been White (Presumably) Heterosexual Men. (From here on, I will use the acronym WPHM).

The laws that prohibited women from owning property in their own names until into the 20th century? The laws that gave the vote only to other WPHM? The Jim Crow laws? The LACK of laws that protected women from domestic violence and rape (by anyone, including their husbands)? The anti-birth control laws? The anti-homosexual laws? All of these can be laid at the doorstep of the WPHM in power.

I begin to see a pattern here. Do you? It seems to me, historically, that if the WPHM — with their unquestioning divinely ordained sense of entitlement— had not been so vehemently invested in keeping everyone who doesn’t look, act, worship, think or love the way they do, barred from equal access to economic, political, social and moral power sharing…well then. If that hadn’t been the case, then, well…really, the mind simply boggles at how history might have been different.

Think about it. We wouldn’t have Native American reservations where an entire people have disappeared into invisible despair. We would have missed the Abolitionists and, perhaps, the Civil War (still known in my family as The War of Northern Aggression). We would have missed the early decades of Women’s Suffrage, when women marched, and were beaten and arrested in every major American city because they demanded the right to vote. (Mid-to-late 19th century through early 20th). We wouldn’t have needed the Civil Rights movement to give black people the right to vote, to eat at the lunch counter, to have a seat on the bus, or a place in the state university. We wouldn’t have needed a Second Wave of Feminism to give women access to effective birth control, the right to decide what happens to their body, access to science, math and medical programs in top universities, and a crack at Equal Pay for Equal Work, based on merit. And we wouldn’t, right now, be facing a bevy of Republican candidates and politicians who want to strip women of these very same hard won rights. We wouldn’t have an corporate culture of such greed that it has brought the world economy to the brink of collapse and brought the planet’s environment to the edge of destruction.

According to you, in league with the Jewish Homosexuals, are feminists. Specifically, you charge that “feminism” forced women to leave their children and put them in day care. What a load of hogwash. That’s a whole other sociological conversation about the urbanization of America, the displacement of the extended family through westward expansion (I think Madison called it “Manifest Destiny”—maybe he’s to blame), the economic shifts of the past 60 years which require two incomes to maintain a family in the middle class, and the actual FACT that many women don’t really enjoy staying home and playing Betty Crocker. We have brains, talents, ambition, and energy—the match or better of many men. And yes, some women actually WANT to be police officers, fire fighters, soldiers, and they are good at it. Some men actually WANT to care for children, be decorators, be chefs, and they are good at it. One size has NEVER fit all. Ever. Anywhere.

Shocking to think how history might have been different, if instead of being power horders, the WPHM had been true libertariansliberty and justice for all, no matter how small a percentage of the population a minority represented. But that isn’t the way it happened, is it? So look around at the detritus you and your fear-based, bigoted and greedy kind have created.

Today, after generations of struggle against the oppression of the WPHM and their draconian legislative attempts to keep it all, forever, you appear to be losing and you are getting desperate. The Global Occupy movement suggests that a new day is coming. Hallelujah. ‘Bout damn time. Remember the law of physics which says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction? THAT is what is happening, on a global scale. Occupy that thought, if you can.

You, my white, presumably heterosexual male friend, are now officially in the minority, world-wide. Must be quite a shock to wake up and realize that you guys are not the end game in God’s evolutionary plan for humanity. Or do you also believe that the earth and all it’s creatures—I wonder if any are gay? Or dark? Or just plain weird?—was created in 6 days, a mere 6,000 years ago?

Give up? Or, do you want more? How about some statistics about sexual orientation—not just among male Jews as you so cleverly quoted, but about women? Specifically, lesbian women. Come on. Keep reading. Expand your horizons. This could be fun.

Sexual Orientation

Precise statistics about the numbers of lesbian or bi-sexual women are difficult to come by, as the stigma of same-sex relationships continues to keep the voices of many women silent. However, the 2000 US Census Report, the American Community Survey, the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation, election exit polls, a Center for Disease Control study, and various Harris polls, provide information upon which to draw some conclusions:

  • There are 125,701,017 adult women (over age 15) in the United States (2009)

  • 65%, or 81,705,661 of these vote in presidential elections

  • Exit poll (2008) results state that 4.1%, or 3,349,932 of these self-report as lesbian or bi-sexual. This percentage is generally considered to be a very conservative estimate for the actual numbers of lesbian and bi-sexual adult women in the US. (While voters may constitute a large sample of the U.S. population, they are still not representative of the population at large).

  • Over 500,000 of women in same sex relationships have children under the age of 18 living with them.

  • 669,986 (20%) are over the age of 55.

  • 837,483 (25%) are ethnic minorities.

  • The median educational level for lesbian and bi-sexual women is 14.3 years versus 13.9 years for all women.

  • The median income for single lesbians is $52,000 per year; for lesbian couples the median household income is $96,000 per year. 1,205,975 (36%) of self-identified lesbians report annual incomes of over $100,000. The national median income for all women is $34,000 per year.

  • A study by CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that their randomized study showed 4% of female respondents had had a same-sex experience in the past 12 months. Eleven percent reported having had a same-sex experience in their lifetime. Three percent had had sexual relations with both males and females in the past 12 months.

Too, consider the recent research by Lisa M. Diamond (Ph.D., Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City, Utah—not a bastion of Jews or homosexuals or liberals!), Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire (2008), in which she concludes that, “Though women – like men – appear to be born with distinct sexual orientations, these orientations do not provide the last word on their sexual attractions and experiences. Instead, women of all orientations may experience variation in their erotic and affectional feelings as they encounter different situations, relationships, and life stages.” This widens the stage considerably, when attempting to define the number of women who are attracted to other women at some point.

Travel and Living Abroad

In 2005 it was estimated that over 4 million Americans live abroad. Precise numbers are difficult to track, as many expats do not declare that they have expatriated. All current indicators show that this number is rising annually, though, with a five-fold increase between 2000 and 2005. Using demographic norms, it is reasonable to extrapolate that 83,000 of these are lesbian or bi-sexual women.

Fifty-seven per cent or 1,909,461, of self-reporting gay females hold US valid passports. Only 29% of the general American public hold valid US passports.

The internet is rife with websites, advertisements for international conferences, workshops, cruises, vacation packages, and blogs specifically targeted to lesbian and bi-sexual women living or traveling abroad. Current market research and analysis strongly indicates that even with the global economic downturn, gay-lesbian-bisexual persons have more disposable income and are more than twice as likely to use at least part of it for travel, as are heterosexual persons (married or single).

Here, in the tiny dot of Chiriqui Province, in the Republic of Panama, there are over 500 expats. I personally know of 28 out-of-the-closet lesbians—or 4.6%, slightly higher than the magic number of 4.1%. (That does not include the Panamanians—and they are out there, too).

Coffee — just because.

The National Coffee Association reports that 54% of all adults in the US consume coffee daily at a per capita rate of 1.4 cups for women, and 1.9 cups for men. That means that 67,878,549 women—2,783,020 of whom are openly gay or bi-sexual—consume a cup of java or more every day. 506,788 of these gay women prefer, on a daily basis, to drink specialty gourmet and organic coffees—because it tastes good and they can afford it.

So. Those are my comments. You asked. In my opinion, it isn’t the Jewish Homosexuals you should be worried about. I’d be worried, if I were a WPHM, about the Lesbians. ALL of them. They are educated, have money, are hyped up on caffeine, can read a map and will travel.

Best regards,



5 thoughts on “Jewish Homosexuals, Feminists, and the Decline of Western Civilization

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    I always enjoy your observations. Statistics can be fun, and they are particularly effective tools for debate — especially for exposing widely-accepted fallicies about antropology and evolution — be it biological or sociological evolution!.

    The most disturbing statistic revealed above relates to the reported 65% of adult women (in the United States) voting in Presidential elections. It seems to me that if our absurdly anachronistic paternalistic society is to continue to evolve in a positive direction, more women’s voices need to be heard — and recorded. It is a bit daunting to realize that the very Dieties most ascribed to in our wacky world are “Great Big Invisible White Men in the Sky”!

    As I continue my own journey of self-discovery and self-realization, stories and observations by other thinking and reasoning individuals like you are always an inspiration.

    Me gustaría que continua la paz, la belleza y tranquilidad


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