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Good News! New Reduced Shipping Rates! – Oct. Newsletter

Good news for all online customers!

New rules have enabled CFB to cut our international shipping costs almost IN HALF...and we are passing that savings on to our clients. This means that small packages under 4 pounds sent through the postal service to the US or Canada will now only cost $8.25 instead of the previous $16.00. Packages to Europe will cost $17.50.

To read more about shipping our products to you worldwide, about what a tincture is and how we make them and about our new book, Romancing the Bean: Chronicles of a Coffee Snob in Panama, check out our

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Medicine Way Trail Special Event – August 21

Come Bleed the Dragon!

Sangre de Drago tree - 8 years old

Sangre de Drago tree - 8 years old

Wednesday August 21. This week, at the full moon,  the conditions are ideal at Finca Luz in Bouqete to 'bleed' the Sangre de Drago trees. Learn with us (it's our first time!) the process of collecting the prized red resin of this indigenous rainforest tree.  Sangre de Drago's resin is a powerful wound healer and is used throughout Central and South America to heal serious internal digestive problems. Centuries of traditional indigenous use are now being supported by current US and European scientific studies.

Join us Wednesday, August 21 to engage your senses as you smell, touch and taste your way through an introduction to herbal healing. Discover the everyday application of alchemy as we open ourselves to the power of self-healing using elements found in Nature.

The Medicine Way Tour is open by advance reservation on Monday and Wednesday, 9:30 AM.  The cost is $30 per person and includes the educational tour and a sumptuous morning coffee hour on The Terrace of Finca Luz. Transportation can be provided from town by arrangement at no additional charge.

Contact us at or call 6636-8663 or 6527-5584.


What is a tincture and how do I use it?

Tinctures-- what are they?

  • People often ask us, What IS a tincture?
  • How do I use it?

What it is
Simply, a tincture is a extract of plant elements in a base of alcohol, vinegar, or vegetable glycerin. It is an ancient, tested and true, method for obtaining the powerful of medicinal plants in a concentrated form that is easily consumed. Unlike many pharmaceuticals, which seek to isolate particular elements, tincturing is a method which respects and utilizes the synergistic aspects of ALL the plant's elements working together, as nature intended.

Most commercially (mass market) tinctures available use a ratio of 1 part plant material to 10 parts of 35-40% carrying agent (alcohol, vinegar, etc.).

At Cloud Forest Botanicals, we use, at a minimum, 4 parts plant to 10 parts pure, 150 proof (75%) alcohol from sugar cane.
Each of our tincture is 'aged' a minimum of 6-8 weeks to allow for maximum extraction. Our plants are locally grown or wild-crafted botanicals with a history of traditional uses supported by the latest botanical and pharmaceutical research. All of this ensures that CFB tinctures are the most potent, purest, longest lasting available to you.

Each Cloud Forest Botanicals tincture is bottled in amber glass to protect it from light. Shelf life is 3 years. (Probably more).

How Do I Use It?

Tinctures are taken directly into the mouth and held under the tongue or mixed with a small amount of cool water or juice. Some are very bitter, others taste woody or herby. The standard dose is 1 ml -- or 20 drops, or approximately 1/4 teaspoon. If you have questions about how to take your tinctures, email us and ask. We are happy to advise.