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Ramblings from the Mountain:

I woke up this morning with a mashup in my head. (For those unfamiliar with the phrase, a mashup is a fusion or mixture of disparate elements.). Why? Well, it's March. The 17th  (that's today) is St. Patrick's Day. The Vernal Equinox is a few days forward. In many parts of the northern hemisphere patches of Spring are peaking through Winter's crust. So the just barely post-dawn, pre-waking mashup in my head went something like this:

“Green is the color of my true love's hair. It's the wearing of the green and Erin go bragh! It's the greening of the mountain, lassies, so eat your greens and go green, go!”

Not great poetry, I know. I was asleep. read the full March Newsletter HERE.


Notes from On High:

It isn't easy being green.

And speaking of green, why are plants green? Chlorophyll! This is the magic molecule that plants use to capture and store the energy from sunlight. Without this mechanism there would be no life on earth as every living thing directly or indirectly derives its energy from plant sources. 

One amazing fact that binds us so intensely to our green plants is that the chlorophyll molecule is almost identical to the oxygen-carrying hemoglobin molecule in our own blood.

read the full March Newsletter HERE


Great Trip Advisor Review for Medicine Way Trail Tour

Picturesque and Ultimately Informative!

Reviewed February 10, 2014

For any and all residents, or those traveling to Boquete, Panama, an absolute must is a visit to and tour of the Cloud Forest Botanicals, at Finca Luz, in Alto Jaramillo. The experience is very informative and will open up an awareness into the world of herbs and healing and their absolute importance and value in the maintenance of health today. In addition to the invaluable information given, Finca Luz provides a serene, tranquil, and beautiful setting with spectacular views from the mountain top of the town of Boquete below. Elizabeth was an excellent host and extremely welcoming, and provided refreshments of homemade herbal lemonade, tropical fruit salad, baked treats, and homegrown coffee, as well as answering any questions we had. Diane, our guide for the herbal tour was very skillful in her knowledge of herbs, plants, and the environment and delivered all of this with simplicity and humor. Also available is an impressive variety of hand crafted wild herb tinctures and products geared to address a variety of health complaints.
A resident of Boquete myself, I truly appreciate the contact with and experience of the two special women behind this wonderful operation. I highly advise this tour to all and will myself return with family members and others. Jennifer P., Boquete.

Visited February 2014 -- posted on Trip Advisor

Happy Valentine’s Love Greeting! (Belated…)

Ramblings from the Mountain:

Happy Valentine's Day from The Cloud Forest Queens!

Yes, Valentine's Day was last week. We missed it. We apologize. We were thinking about you. Really. We've just been really busy here on the farm with visitors from around the world walking The Medicine Way Trail, making products to keep up with the growing demand, and caring for the plants during this VERY dry season. (Our own Valentine's celebration was a quiet night at home with a movie and in bed by 9:30 PM, dead asleep, if that gives you any clue!).

But, we have been thinking about this whole hearts and flowers and love thing.

A good article came across my desk the other day about the ancient Greeks' six different words for different types of Love... read the whole article from our February Newsletter here.

Happy New Year from Finca Luz! January Newsletter

Cloud Forest Botanicals in Boquete, Panama is committed to helping people everywhere take responsibility for their own health. We do this in part by making available to you the purest, most effective and affordable herbal products possible. This is our promise:

  • Each product is based on centuries of herbal knowledge AND the most current pharmaceutical research available, bringing you the very best of past and present.
  • We only use simple, tried-and-true formulas from the most rigorous herbal traditions.
  • Each product is hand-crafted in small batches from Cloud Forest plants that are wild crafted or grown organically in our own Panama gardens.                                    
  • We use no artificial preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers, or perfumes…EVER.

To read more about our winter solstice party where we lit off fireworks and burned a huge muñeca, what might be contributing to your unhappiness, and to see our product of the month (Café Mousse Face Cream, mmmmm), check out the January 2014 newsletter.

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