Elizabeth Worley: Living out loud in Panama

DSC08197 72dpi 3.5h Elizabeth Worley: Living out loud in PanamaElizabeth Worley grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. She wandered the misty hills and valleys, learned where the wild ginseng grew, and knew the freedom that comes from being allowed to explore, discover and fantasize a future of unlimited possibility. Somewhere along the path, southern culture won out over her spirit and she lost herself.

Marriage, children, and a successful career as a psychotherapist and advocate for women’s issues consumed 25 years. Then, like Alice in Wonderland, one day she woke, as from a dream, to wonder: “Where am I? Who am I? Why am I?”

Today, Elizabeth lives in the central highlands of Panama, where she wanders the jungle trails, knows where the medicinal herbs grow, and lives out a life that seems unlimited in possibility. She grows organic coffee on Finca Luz, and shares her life with Dianne, Charlie the Dog, Ghost Kitty and some very fat hens.

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