Thrive: A Conspiracy Film Going Viral? Or, to grow vigorously; to flourish; to prosper?

Easter Sunday, with rain falling softly on the tin roof. Outside the neighbor’s rooster is crowing, but that isn’t unusual. He crows shrilly, harshly, maddeningly all day and all night. His name is Sancoccho, if I ever get my hands on him! But, I digress. I ramble.

Easter. The first Sunday after the first full moon (that was Friday night, April 6) after the Vernal Equinox (March 21). Here in Boquete the week preceding Easter, Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a big deal. People decorate outside their homes with crosses of electric purple bougainvillea and ivy. The Annual Orchid Festival opens in the fair grounds. Tourists from all over the world and Panama come streaming into town for the flowers, for family reunions, to escape the city for a bit of cool and green. The hotels and restaurants fill up. The streets fill up with bad drivers and careless pedestrians—I really don’t know how mass collisions and mayhem are avoided, but they mostly are. On Good Friday night there is a parade to mourn the Dead Jesus. It’s illegal to buy alcohol or consume booze in restaurants from Thursday to Saturday. People do it anyway. Saturday seems like any other day, people shopping, running errands, visiting—except there are fireworks at midnight to commemorate the Resurrected Jesus. Or, maybe there are fireworks to celebrate when it’s legal to start drinking again…

I finally got around to watching the film Thrive last night. It’s been floating around on the internet and in public showings since it premiered last November (11/11/11 to be precise). All I really knew about it was that it had to do with Free Energy (i.e. energy not dependent upon combustion and fossil fuels) and aliens and it was supposed to radicalize our consciousness about what is happening in the world. I haven’t been in a hurry to see it because I figured it was just one more End of the World As We Know It conspiracy rap. But, it was Saturday night, I’d already been trounced at Scrabble, so fair enough. I cooked up a big pot of buttered popcorn and we sat with the laptop in bed.

I was right. It is a well-made The End of the World As We Know It conspiracy rap. The makers, Foster Gamble (the grandson of the Gambles of Proctor & Gamble) and his wife, Kimberly, manage over the course of two plus hours to link almost every known conspiracy theory:

  • the existence of The Code, a complex multifaceted geometric shape which will free us from dependence on oil (among other things);
  • the suppression of inventions for alternative energy sources based on The Code;
  • the suppression of information about aliens visiting Earth;
  • Crop Circles as messages from said alien visitors explaining The Code, how to use it and why it’s really really important to use it, and use it soon;
  • the creation of fiat currency and the Federal Reserve banking system;
  • the all-seeing one eye of the Illuminati;
  • the proliferation of wars under false pretenses in order to further enrich and empower the ruling class (think Rothschild, Roosevelt, Morgan, Carnegie, Ford and Gamble–by no means the complete list) and the multinational corporations and banks they control;
  • the systematic erosion of individual liberties and institution of a police state “for the good of the whole;”
  • deliberate depopulation of the world through engineered famines, introduction of GMO foods that promote sterility, distribution of dangerous pharmaceuticals…

It goes on and on. The only conspiracy conspicuously absent is the one about JFK’s assassination.

Gamble interviews an impressive array of scientists, physicists, professors, military officers, bankers, former government officials, corporate people, and religious leaders to back up his premise, which is really very simple: The ruling, elite class (the infamous 1%–though, really, they are even less than that) has been planning and working for generations to control the world and its population by controlling the flow of money, energy and food. Their goal? Total Global Domination. Why? Because they are afraid of us, The Little People. (I am a little fuzzy on why Gamble believes they are afraid of us, given that they control all the money, etc.–maybe it’s because there are so many of us?).

Anyway, according to Gamble, and he makes a good case given what we see and read on the news, they are almost there. If (when?) the US economy further collapses–as he predicts it will, before August 2013 when the Federal Reserve’s 100 year charter comes up for renewal, which he doesn’t believe that they will get it in the current, shifting climate, which means…ahem–that will be the last domino…unless.

I confess by this point in the film I was feeling confused, overwhelmed, hopeless, depressed and in need of a refill for my wine glass, illegal or not. What’s the freaking point?? My partner had fallen asleep.

Then, Gamble shifts to the final phase of the film where he posits solutions: actions individuals and groups can take right now that will have a cumulative effect to begin shifting the paradigm and the balance of power. He calls for:

  • non-violent, non-participation in the ‘system.’
  • he urges us not to fall for the “us” versus “them” divisions propagated by the media—red vs. blue, liberal vs. conservative, black vs. white, Christian vs. Muslim/Jew/atheist, etc. The only division he credits is The Powers Who Should Not Be…and everyone else.
  • Get out of large, corporate banks. Take our money to local credit unions. Or buy tangible assets.
  • Employ barter.
  • Explore the creation of local currencies.
  • Wean ourselves from dependence on pharmaceuticals—capitalize on natural health alternatives.
  • Bank organic seeds. Grow food.
  • Work politically to protect the internet.
  • Work socially to protect the rights of the individual—for if all individuals are free, then society is free.
  • Create Free Zones, large and small, where collusion with The Powers That Should Not Be, doesn’t happen on any level—prohibit GMO foods, employ organic gardening practices, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, use alternative energy sources where possible, conserve resources, practice non-violence, unless it is truly in self-defense.

The film is not riveting, but it is certainly interesting and thought provoking. I woke this morning thinking, “Hmmmm. What if all those dots actually DO link up in anything close to what he describes? What if..?”

What amuses me is that this is a lot of the same stuff my father (who all of us in the family agree was a first class crack pot) was espousing 50 years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same? I wonder.

Gamble calls on us to thrive, and exhorts us to take up his solutions in order to stop the tanks from rolling, the banks from falling, civilizations from collapsing, and instead create a world of positive, healing, sustainable life for all. He says we can and he is not alone. Technologies DO exist to power the world without oil. We CAN grow enough food to feed ourselves. We DON’T have to depend on Big Pharma and Big Med to be healthy. We DO NOT NEED all the crap that we are constantly told we need in order to be happy. We DO need to wake up from the hypnotic trance of the ages and assume personal responsibility for creating a life that is meaningful and proactive. We must DO….something.

What do I really think about all of this? I suspect there are aliens—the Universe is simply too vast to think the space flotsam of Earth and its inhabitants is the be all and end all of creation. I suspect Big Oil and related multinational corporations and banks are capable of almost anything, from market fixing to murder. I suspect that Big Pharma is more interested in Big Bucks than my health and well-being. I suspect that Monsanto is truly evil. But honestly, it isn’t necessary to believe any of that in order to see the possibilities for positive change in Gamble’s philosophy and suggestions.

I’ve been there in my head for a long time. It’s why I left the US. It’s why I have struggled to create what is happening here, in this tiny backwater of Panama. Finca Luz is already a Free Zone of organic foods, alternative healing, creative expression, individual freedom. Perhaps that is at the core of its attraction to visitors—they experience first hand its healing energy, its thriving vitality, and they leave inspired to create their own version.

For more information about Thrive or Foster and Kimberly Gamble, you can go to:

Anyone out there know how to create biofuel? After I put trout in the pond, that’s the next thing I want to explore.

Happy Spring from Finca Luz.

Elizabeth, Ghost Kitty, the Fat Hens and Charlie the Dog

6 thoughts on “Thrive: A Conspiracy Film Going Viral? Or, to grow vigorously; to flourish; to prosper?

  1. Elizabeth, thanks for your succinct synopsis…now I don’t need to waste 2 hrs watching the film. However, I agree completely with your last two paragraphs, which are what so many of us are doing…living a conscious and purposeful life.

  2. Now I, too, can take a pass. Reminiscent of the film “What the ‘BLEEP'”, perhaps? Paradigms of normalcy challenged by different perspectives, stepping outside established boundaries, thinking outside the faux.

    Too many humans doing, not enough humans being …

    To flourish, nourish; to prosper, proffer …..

    One more observation: coincidence, all these high holy x-tian days so closely paralleling pagan seasonal obeisance?

    Send some showers toward this dry land, won’t you?


    1. Hi, there. No, no coincidence at all. The early church, in its efforts to convert the pagans (which just means ‘people of the country’–i.e. rural folk) to Christianity, co-opted the long standing celebrations that were tied to the natural world. “Easter”–name of which derives from Ishstar, goddess of creativity, abundance, fertility, etc.–was a holy day for blessing the fields that had just been planted. Christmas, coming as it does just after the Winter Solstice, celebrated the Light of the World–i.e. the promised return of the sun after a long winter of darkness. Etc., etc., etc.

      Our afternoon showers started April 1. And we are glad for them.

      Actually, Thrive is not much like What the Bleep, which is a dumbed down version of Mind Walk (check it out if you can find it). It’s much more based on ‘exposing’ or naming the conspiracy/ies of the financial elite to control the world.

      Have a lovely day Being…I’m off to be a Being Doing. It’s Monday!!


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