Somewhere....under the rainbow

Are we having fun yet?

Rainbow over Boquete 150x150 Are we having fun yet?
Somewhere....under the rainbow
Well, it is a veritable hive of activity on the mountain today. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing sweetly from the North, and the parrots are screaming overhead and whirling through the air like emerald dervishes. The construction crew is bustling about. The new roof is on. The clay tile floor has been laid. The electrician is pulling wires.
La Casita de Mariposa Azul creciendo un nuevo techo1 300x224 Are we having fun yet?
Estamos creciendo un nuevo techo!

Outside, Alexis (my farm manager extraordinaire) is cleaning the pond as we prepare to welcome a school of tilapia. And—muy emocionante! —the fat red hen has four new chicks! They ventured out of the coop today and followed her around, looking, pecking, hunting, and never wandering more than a foot from mama’s eye. What fun!

I was thinking this morning, as I drank my perfect cup of coffee and contemplated all the various to-do’s of the day, “I am having FUN in my life!” Yesterday I went to David (small city about 45 minutes down the mountain) and shopped for paint, insulation, and some mysterious metal part that my son, Phillip, needs for a machine. I negotiated through the heat and traffic and various shops, accomplished most everything on the list (mas o menos, we call it here). I did it all in Spanish and it was fun! I spent the evening with Dianne and a friend we hadn’t seen in a while, swapping stories, drinking some lovely red Australian Shiraz, and that was fun! As the moon rose in the misty sky, we danced a jive set on the terrace. Big fun! Teetering on a stool to view the insulation choices for the ceiling of my bedroom? Fun!

IMG 1436 168x300 Are we having fun yet?
Fred builds a small forge--and yes, that IS a vacuum cleaner! Fun!

I remember as a child, when I complained that something or the other wasn’t any fun, my mother admonishing me, “Life is not about having fun!”

I love and respect my mother, but on this point I think she missed the mark. Life is about fun and enjoyment…or it can be, if we bring to it a moment-to-moment attitude of gratitude, appreciation and liberally lace our awareness of ourselves and the world around us with a big dose of humor.

This does not easily apply to those events of tragedy or sadness that inevitably befall each of us, but even then it is what we tell ourselves about what is happening that makes the difference. We have to give ourselves permission for joy and laughter. We must make a conscious effort, daily, to exercise this particular aspect of Self, so that during the hard times, it is there—tuned up and ready to kick in when we need it most.

I am choosing, more and more, to savor and enjoy each moment–perhaps because, at 60, I know full well that there are fewer of them ahead of me than behind. My good friend Michael Hudson publishes a blog called Ordinary Mindfulness. He brings to his musings and meditations a profound spirituality and humility. I want to emulate his focus on the magical here and now of daily life…but I want to do it with the countenance of the Laughing Buddha, Hotei, known in China as the Friendly One.

Salud Are we having fun yet?
He reminds me of Tom Robbin’s Jitterbug Perfume. Erleichda! Lighten up!

girls 225x300 Are we having fun yet?What was the last thing you did that was fun? When did you last have a really rollicking belly laugh that brought tears of mirth to your eyes? Have you recently shared in some pure unrestrained foolishness with someone you love?

I would love to hear about your experiences of what brings joy and fun to your days.

Till the next time. And remember: Life is too short to drink bad coffee!

Elizabeth Worley

7 thoughts on “Are we having fun yet?

  1. This is a great picture of the 2nd story going up. Wow!! You will not know what to do with all that space!

  2. Fun, Fun, Fun ’till her Daddy took the T-Bird away…..! Absolutely – we are not here for struggle and strife!

  3. I am delighted to hear of your joy and wondrous pursuits!Saviano told me about your book , and I will download it & read it next week. ( I am reading a soon to be released novel from another friend presently. (Carmen Agra Deedy) :The Cheshire Cheese Cat / Peachtree Publishers.

    I started Water, Color & Stone 12 years ago upon my return to Atlanta after living in Charleston, SC for 7 years.We design and build outdoor sanctuaries , specifically rain harvest waterfalls & ponds.Guess where I got my inspiration…? My wife Jane & I have a 9 yr. old micro ninja – a newly anointed black belt in Tan Soo Do.
    Working here has brought amazing opportunities to grow in ways never imagined.I began remembering Spanish vocabulary & merely applied the golden rule . Please , Thank You & How are you ? Oh yeah & Como Se Dice ? The rest is, well you get the idea…

    1. John– So nice to hear from you! Your business sounds fascinating. I wish you would come visit me here in Panama and advise me on the outdoor sanctuary I am continually creating. We are right now redesigning a series of cascading pools that flow from a year round spring fed pond. I hope to introduce tilapia fish soon. Stay in touch–wouldn’t it be great if you and Saviano could both come visit? Love to all–Elizabeth

  4. Elizabeth, you are so calming, fun and inspirational. I’m long overdue my unexpected visit to your little peace of heaven in Jaramillo! My coffee cup is empty….Congratulations on your progress and can’t wait to see the new digs….

    1. Hey, Lisa–

      I should be back home in about two weeks. We’ll have that coffee!


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